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The Killing - new cover, frontTHE KILLING: Uncommon Denominator (Titan Books; June 24, 2014)

When firefighters respond to a suspected meth explosion at a trailer park, they discover a man’s body in a neighboring trailer, unburned but with terrible head wounds. The meth cooker lies in critical condition, and undercover narcotics officer Stephen Holder feels a kinship with the child the man leaves behind.

Then another man’s body is discovered in a shipping container at the Port of Seattle, shot execution-style. For Homicide Detective Sarah Linden, two cases soon become one, and she must unravel a complex web of addiction, greed, and betrayal to reveal a killer.

A terrific read . . . with good plot twists, red herrings, and heartbreaking details essential to any good noir.” — Aunt Agatha’s Bookstore

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bp_cover BOILING POINT (Berkley, 2011)

As Chaitén sleeps… Two microbiologists monitor the effects of global warming in the shadow of the long-dormant volcano. A celebrity scientist and his film crew arrive at the caldera to capture Chaitén’s spectacular scenery for a television audience. And a Nobel Prize-winning scientist sits in his apartment in Paris, monitoring data on fifty-six volcanoes around the world—waiting for the one sign that his diabolical plan is about to be put into motion.

Soon, their destinies will converge. For the Earth has become a pawn in the biggest gamble ever played with humanity’s future… And Chaitén is about to blow.

“Dionne hits her stride with this heart-thumping, timely thriller, one that rings with surreal authenticity.  Put simply, it’s a non-stop delight of a read.” –  New York Times bestselling author Steve Berry

“Fans of the late Michael Crichton will enjoy Dionne’s exciting second ecothriller . . . Crisp writing keeps the pace fast, and the tight interweaving of story lines bodes well for this author’s future efforts.” — Publishers Weekly

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FREEZING POINT (Berkley, 2008)

The polar icecaps are melting – fast. In a drowning, desperate world, the Soldyne Corporation sees an opportunity: Melt Antarctic icebergs into drinking water using their microwave satellite array, ship the water to thirsty nations around the globe, and make a fortune.

But deep within the ice waits an enemy more deadly than anyone could imagine—and an apocalyptic horror Earth may not survive.

“What a ripper of a story! I loved every page.” – New York Times bestselling author Douglas Preston

“I loved this book!” – New York Times bestselling author James Rollins

“Palpably Exciting. A scientific thriller about a looming global crisis far more critical than oil. Karen Dionne is the new Michael Crichton.” – New York Times bestselling author David Morrell

“Fascinating and action-packed, Freezing Point is a riveting tale of cutting-edge science, boardroom greed, and the triumph of those who respect nature. Watch out, Michael Crichton!” – New York Times bestselling author Gayle Lynds

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callingtheshots_cover5-small“Calling the Shots” short story — First appeared in the anthology First Thrills: High-Octane Stories from the Hottest Thriller Authors ed. by Lee Child

Jason just broke up with his pregnant girlfriend. Now he’s in the forest, cutting firewood alone, which he knows is a foolish and dangerous thing to do…

“A terrific tale, with the coldest ending line I have read since the last novel by Richard Stark. If I had read it in 2010 it would be on my best of the year list. Karen Dionne apparently specializes in ecothrillers, and she seems to know her woods and her woodsmen very well.” — Little Big Crimes

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